2017 Mid-Year Freakout Book Tag

I can’t believe we’re halfway through the year already! What?! So I plan on doing a reading goals check0in video in the coming days, but I thought this would be nice to do too! I did it last year on my YouTube channel and do love the questions. So without any further ado, here we go!

1.) The best book you’ve read so far in 2017:

Two books could not be any different than these two – I know. But My Lady Jane took me absolutely by surprise. I wasn’t expecting anything, but ending up getting so much out of it! Utterly perfect and hilarious. And then you have The No You Never Listened To. This one felt like someone punched me emotionally, but I’m not unhappy about that. It was raw, real, powerful, and beautiful. Hands down the best contemporary poetry I’ve read in a very long time.

2.) Your favorite sequel this year

DUH. WRECKED ME LIKE NO OTHER OKAY. Y’all go read this series now if you haven’t already. It will be an emotional roller coaster, but you will be oh-so hooked.










3.) A new release you haven’t read but really want to

Yes, yes, I am BEYOND late to the game on this one. I’ve been looking forward to it since January, I have borrowed it from my mom right now, it’s getting a freaking 4.65 on Goodreads, I KNOW. I am so disappointed in myself. I HAVE to read it before summer ends. For sure. Yes.








4.) Most anticipated release for the second half of the year

Because You Love To Hate Me is something I am happy to finally admit that I am fangirling over. Hardcore. And it will be here in like a month! Magnus Chase… well i liked the second book in the series so much better than the first one. So I’m hoping that trend will continue. Plus, I mean it’s Uncle Rick… can’t really not be excited for it. And lastly Everything Reminds you of Something Else sounds right up my alley, and i just requested it form NetGalley, so fingers crossed!!

5.) Your biggest disappointment


I am honestly so upset and surprised by just how disappointing both of these were. I was so excited for Hag-seed because it seemed like it was going to hit so many of my buttons; retelling of Shakespeare, magical realism, and Margaret Atwood. But omg was this dry and not interesting. I DNF’d it… and I can’t believe it. And then there’s “Princess.” With all of the praise I had been seeing EVERYWHERE (literally you guys, every form of social media that has a large book community freaking raves about this book), I was expecting to be blown away. But instead I found this just average. And weird spacing does not constitute good poetry. But that’s just one reader’s opinion.

6.) Biggest surprise of the year


And that’s not even all of them! (But look at all of those FIERCE females YAAAS)

7.) Favorite new-to-you or debut author


MICHELLE MORAN CAN FREAKING WRITE. I don’t usually go for historical fiction, and when I do, it’s always from specific periods; Ancient Greece or the Holocaust to be specific. But the premise of Cleopatra’s Daughter is what first drew me to Michelle Moran, and then I got sucked in to her telling of these historical times & figures. I HIGHLY recommend any of her books. They are vivid and just well done.

8.) Your new fictional crush


M A T T H E W  C L A I R M O N T

9.) New favorite character



ALEXIA TARABOTTI IS GOALS. I both want to marry her and BE her.

10.) A book that made you cry

The No You Never Listened To by Meggie Royer (see question #1). I mean how could I NOT cry?!

11.) A book that made you happy

Again, see question #1 – My Lady Jane. Go read this book people! Flawlessly hilarious! How many times do I have to say it?!

12.) Your favorite book to movie adaptation that you’ve seen this year

…does Wonder Woman count? It’s based on a comic book… and it’s my new all-time favorite movie… sooooo…

13.) Favorite book post you’ve published this year

I’m really happy with all of my videos on my channel this year so far! So those are my favorite bookish content of mine 🙂

14.) The most beautiful book you have bought/received this year

These wonderful copies of the Anne of Green Gables series!

15.) What are some books that you need to read by the end of the year?

  • Daughter of Smoke and Bone trilogy by Laini Taylor
  • The Grisha Trilogy by Leigh Bardugo
  • Love Letters to the Dead by Ava Dellaira
  • The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas
  • Just One Year by Gayle Forman

Like… I absolutely HAVE to read those this year.

Well this was fun! Feel free to comment below and let me know your favorite & least favorite reads of the year. Happy reading!

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