2018 Bookish Goals

I realize that this post is coming quite late – we are already nearly a month and a half into 2018! But I wanted to share my bookish goals for this year not only so that you guys can know what they are, but also in an attempt to hold myself accountable to them!

Get back into filming!

I have taken a hiatus since September on uploading new videos to my booktube channel since finding out I am pregnant (yay!) But I do want to get back into it this year. Now this may not happen until June of this year, since my due date is May 25. But as long as at some point this year I do it, I’ll be content.

Read all of the books on my 2018 TBR

If you would like to know the specific books I’m talking about, please see my post from earlier this month here. 🙂

Post on this blog once a week

Since I won’t be consistently uploading videos on my channel, and I’m definitely not a bookstagrammer, this is the best place to share my bookish content. I’m really hoping to my consistent on here and grow this site so much more this year. I think it will be much easier for a while to maintain this blog than my channel while I’m pregnant.

Read 5, buy 1!

In an effort to spend less money on books, to actually read the books I’m buying, and to not have such a monstrous physical tbr, I will only purchase one book after read 5 books which I already own. Thus far, I have read 8 books this year and only bought 1 so I am on track!

Read more books about rape culture

I’m more passionate about this goal than any of the others on here. This was a goal I set for myself last year too, but I was more specific then. In 2017 I said I wanted to read 10 rape culture books. I managed to read 6, which I am actually okay with because that’s 6 more than I would have read if I didn’t keep that goal in mind last year. This year I just want to read more of them. I’m not going to set a specific number, but I just want to read as many as possible. I plan to make a post on this blog about my rape culture tbr, one for both fiction and non-fiction books.

Read all of the books on my “temporarily put down” shelf on Goodreads

This GR shelf is pretty much exactly what it sounds like – books I started but didn’t finish because I had to return them to the library, wasn’t in the mood, etc. Today there are 8 books on that shelf, which you can find here. I still own all of them except one, so this shouldn’t be too much of an issue… the only thing I’m worried about is if I wasn’t in the mood for them then, it is likely I won’t be in the mood for them again when a try to pick them back up.

Clear out my NetGalley TBR

Since being pregnant, well until last month, I was in a MAJOR reading slump. This means that my NetGalley books I’ve bene approved for but haven’t read yet is soooo backed up. Seriously. I feel just awful about it. So this goal is very important to me.

What are some bookish goals you have set for yourself this year?


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