Hi, I’m Ashley. A book enthusiast and UC Davis grad. I started this blog to share my love of literature. What I’m hoping this will become is a place to show my writing & share others’, post bibliophile-related photos & other shenanigans, and tell you about some books I’ve read & know are coming out soon.

I’m managing the local independent bookstore in my town, which requires a lot of dedication & hours! But this is my personal everything-bookish blog. I’ll post more about the store later 🙂

Because I’m there, I go to a lot of book conferences and get the opportunity to meet authors, learn about upcoming releases, and gain knowledge about a vast number of varying genres of books.

I also received BA’s in English Literature and Greek Classical Studies, so I tend to analyze a lot of crap! But it also means I’ve attempted to read pretty much everything. An impossible goal, really!

I’m hoping to meet other bibliophiles like myself in great abundance and talk with each of you! There’s a link on the menu on my left sidebar to some of my tagged favorite books, please feel free to chat with me about them… or any books!! And HI! <3