“Just One Day” by Gayle Forman

Just like with “If I Stay,” the main characters – primarily the main girl & boy – are so accessible, intelligent, quick-witted, and multi-dimensional that you can’t help but wish they were real. That they were in front of you, actually in your life. Or that you were Willem or Allyson. Or that they were your friends.

The story isn’t centered around drama. It has no supernatural inclusions, no need for fast-paced action. This is absolutely wonderful because the act of having it take place in real-life-like time scheme makes it easy to read. No mess, no fuss. No making your brain go crazy because too much is happening and being squashed together into one book. It makes it enjoyable and super relatable. There is complexity in its simplicity – because there is complexity in simplicity in real life. And the little things that are seemingly meaningless and overlooked are given precious-ness and prove to be of serious significance.
It is achingly flawless and beautifully written. I couldn’t read the whole thing super-fast in one sitting, because I literally felt too much. I was CONSUMED by the relatability of it and my feelings for Allyson and the path her life was taking and her thoughts & choices were just absolutely consuming.
Because Allyson’s journey and travel and metamorphsis are so relatable, it makes for a younger, better “Eat, Pray, Love” I think. It becomes a source of inspiration for readers. It seems like there are actual valuable life lessons to be learned from this book. And all her novels.
You can feel Allyson’s emotions as she finally gets to actually SEE the world, and as she feels the electricity between them in Paris, and her pains when he’s gone after their day.
I won’t go into any more specifics about the plot, because I want you to read it for yourself and not have there be any spoilers. But some of the extra characters (Dee, the owner of the restaurant she works at, Wren, too name a few) are stellar and great.
As a said before, Forman’s book becomes inspirational.. at least it was for me. As soon as I was done with it, I was restless. I felt like I needed to go do something – anything! Like I needed to examine myself and my life.
When i finished, I felt a weird sort of emptiness. Like nothing I was gonna read was gonna be as good as “Just One Day,” and I have nothing to do but wait til October when the companion book is out.
I had so many feels by the time I was through with this book, it was LITERALLY overwhelming. I had to just sit and process & think for a while.
I loved it so very much. If I could recommend one book ONLY, it would be this one.

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