Non-Romance Books With Romances I Love

Wow, talk about a wordy blog title! So on Valentine’s Day I highlighted my favorite romance books in this post. Today I’m going to focus on some romances I am obsessed with that aren’t actually in “romance” books! So maybe a fantasy or paranormal genre book, but with a romance element between two characters that gives me all of the feels. I think it will make more sense when I actually get into it, so here we go!

The All Souls Trilogy – Deborah Harkness

To say that I love these books would be a gross understatement. Pretty much every post on here contains one or more of these books. Diana & Matthew are my everything (well, and Gallowglass too… but that’s a whole other blog post amirite??). Diana is one of my all-time favorite female characters, and her strong relationship with the swoon-worthy Matthew just gives me life. If you don’t know, this series is a paranormal adult tale about witches, vampires, daemons, alchemy, history, and more. It’s epic. And has been turned into an AMAZING tv show.

Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe – Benjamin Alire Saenz

My babieeeees. Now, Ari & Dante could be classified by some readers as a YA “romance” maybe, but I think that the point of this book is about Ari’s coming-of-age experiences and journey of self-discovery. Does a large part of said journey revolve around his relationship with Dante? Absolutely. And it is beautiful. But their blossoming relationship serves as a tool to push Ari into understanding his own truth. Anyway, I’ve re-read this book more than any other in my life – I read it every March for my birthday (which means it’s almost time for my fifth re-read!) because it is just. that. good.

How to Make A Wish – Ashley Herring Blake

Ashley easily became one of my top 3 favorite authors last year – I read 4 of her 5 books in 2018! This one was my first, and (like Ari & Dante) although some could argue that the romance is the central part of the plot, I think it’s really Grace’s relationship with her mother and her pursuit of independence that’s the point of the story. But. This m/c is BISEXUAL people (oh and so is the author WOOT!) and actually explicitly says so in the story! And the self-actualization and learning she goes through, and her adorable budding relationship with another girl for the first time just is close to my heart. I related to so much of this book. Expect me to talk about it much more often.

A Court of Mist and Fury – Sarah J. Maas

Oh ACOMAF. How you ripped my heart out. Feyre & Rhysand put me in a book slump for sure back when I read this. Honestly this book is very much on the New Adult Romance side of things, considering all of the steamy times Feysand partake in. BUUUUUT it’s ultimately a new adult fantasy. So it’s going on this list. But seriously, if you don’t know what this book is… do yourself a favor and read it (if you’re into fantasies with faeries and magic and sex).

The Parasol Protectorate series – Gail Carriger

WHY HAVEN’T MORE PEOPLE READ THESE BOOKS. They seriously could have everything you could ever ask for in a book. Outstanding writing, diverse characters, WEREWOLVES, science, mummies, a sharp & witty female lead, and a freaking adorable romance. And all of the side romances are adorable as well. Alexia and Connell take the cake though – they really are made for each other.

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