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Happy Pride month everyone! I’m especially invested in Pride this year, as I came out just in October! I’m not keeping my identity or who I am & who I love a secret, because I shouldn’t have to and I’m happy with who I am. I also feel that because I have a daughter now, I should be the most authentic version of myself possible, because I don’t want her to grow up and be ashamed of who she is.

Anyway, onto the books! I’ve been reading more LGBTQ+ books this year than ever before. If I had to guess, I’d say at least 75% of the books I read now are either by LGBTQ+ authors or feature LGBTQ+ characters. I’m making a conscious effort to read more of these stories, and it is a cause that is dear to me.

For this list, I’m going to be highlighting some of the books on my “big” TBR that I’m the most excited to get to! Just for further clarification, I have two TBR shelves; one is my “big” one that has everything I want to read ever, and the other is my “on-deck” that has my immediate/up next TBR books.

“Naturally Tan” by Tan France
To say I’m obsessed with Queer Eye would be a gross understatement. I love the inclusivity and optimism of that show. It lifts me up in dark times. Tan specifically has always interested me. At a Pride panel in New York last year, he mentioned that he is a quiet advocate because he has been through so much and finds it hard to articulate his experience and “show up,” and hates that he’s judged for it. I’ve sympathized with him from that moment on. So when I heard he was coming out with an autobiography, I knew I needed to read it. Also he is a gorgeous human that looks like a Greek sculpture come to life.

“The Mighty Heart of Sunny St. James” by Ashley Herring Blake
Ashley is quite possibly my favorite author of all time. I have read every other book of hers and given them all 5 stars. It feels like she just gets me – her stories speak directly to my heart. Her other middle grade novel was gorgeous and intricate and sweet, and I expect Sunny to be the same! And it’s just so nice to have queer stories for middle grade readers.

“Labyrinth Lost” by Zoraida Cordova
I have been telling myself to read this for two years now. It has so many of my bookish buzzwords: latinx, bisexual, bruja… YES YES YES GET IN MY EYEBALLS.

“Wilder Girls” by Rory Power
I literally just heard about this 3 days ago and immediately put it at the top of my TBR list… because a queer all-female retelling of Lord of the Flies? Sign me the eff up!

“Dress Codes For Small Towns” by Courtney Stevens
I know nothing about this book, except it features a pansexual fat girl, which is the representation I am living for. That and it comes highly recommend by my favorite booktuber, bookswithlala. She is the actual best go follow her immediately.

“Radio Silence” by Alice Oseman
After having this on my TBR for about 4 years, I finally have it checked out from the library right now! All of Alice Oseman’s books get high praise from the book community, this one being no exception. I expect to relate to this book a lot, considering it is about a girl who thought she was straight struggling with considering her sexuality as probably being bisexual. Also I believe it features podcasts, which is really cool.

“Tell Me How You Really Feel” Aminah Mae Safi
Let me start by saying that the cover of this book alone gives me all kinds of feels. Like, having two girls tenderly looking at each other and holding each other all cute like that? I want more covers like that! Honestly though, this seems like just the right cutesy, rom-com type of F/F romance I would love, and so many of the reviewers I follow who have gotten arcs of it have adored it.

“Autoboyiography” by Christina Lauren
Christina Lauren is a powerhouse romance writing duo that have churned out fantastic New Adult romances. This young adult book, about a boy in very religious Utah struggling to suppress his homosexuality, sounds like it’s for sure going to make me cry. But also be so worth the emotional ride.

“All the Better Part of Me” Molly Ringle
Was this made for me?! IT’S SO BI! EVEN THE COVER IS BI. Also it takes place in the Pacific Northwest, so basically this book is me as a human. Cool.

“Two Boys Kissing” by David Levithan
I feel like at this point David Levithan is a staple of gay YA literature. This particular book meant a lot to someone close to me; it helped them feel seen and understood, and I’m sure that that’s the case for a lot of other individuals who read this book. It seems like a story many readers could see themselves in. And for that reason I seriously can’t wait to read it.

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