Books To Read Without The Synopsis | Top 5 Wednesday 9/13/2017

The thing about the synopsis for “Neverwhere” is that it just does not encompass everything this book is about. Not does it give any hint to the slightly Gothic fantasy style to this book. It just does not do it justice, but to be fair I believe that any attempted synopsis for this book would probably fail. There is just so much packed into this read, you simply don’t get the right taste for it by reading the synopsis.


When I bought this book the year it was released in hardcover, there was a quote on the cover that said “move over, Ender.” It also described it as “Ender’s Game meets The Hunger Games.” I’m not sure if that is still on current editions of this book, but this is a grossly inaccurate description of this! It is nothing like either of those books, it is so much more than that! It’s better! It remains in my top 15(ish) books of all time. If you read it (wish you definitely should!) I would recommend just ignoring the cover, and diving straight in and experiencing the story.


The reason I would recommend reading “The Kiss of Deception” without reading its synopsis is because this fantasy story has an element of mystery and surprise to it. In order to be as caught off-guard as possible by it, I would strongly advise avoiding the synopsis! It’s not necessarily that the synopsis spoils anything specific, but you just will be more entertained and emotionally invested without it in my opinion.


DO NOT BE FOOLED BY THE SYNOPSIS FOR THIS BOOK. I truly think that anyone who reads this synopsis will turned off by it on not read it… WHICH IS A TRAGEDY. THIS BOOK HAD ME SHOOK. It is so good and do NOT judge it by its synopsis!!!


I personally think that it is VITAL to go into “We Were Liars” blind. you need to experience this read knowing nothing. I literally don’t want to say anymore about it because the less you know the better. Go read it.

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