TBR Tuesday!


Welcome to a new weekly feature on my site! Some Tuesdays (not every single Tuesday, because then I would quickly run out of things to talk about!) I will be talking about some books on my TBR.

I have two TBR “shelves” which can both be found on my Goodreads. The first is my main to-be-read shelf, which consists of every single thing I want to read, whether I already own it or not. My second shelf is my “on-deck” shelf, which has all of my more immediate reads. I own basically all of the books on that shelf, with a few exceptions (things I had to return to the library before reading, ones I borrowed from friends, etc). The way I choose what goes “on-deck” is if I’ve owned the book a very long time, if someone has been recommending it to me consistently for ages, or if it has been on my radar very consistently. All of my “on-deck” titles are in my TBR jar, with the titles written on tiny origami stars (one day I’ll share a picture of that jar). I pull at least one title from my tbr jar once a month. You can find my Goodreads on-deck shelf HERE.


The absolute NUMBER ONE book on my tbr is the All Souls trilogy by Deborah Harkness. My main #1 reading goal for this year is to finish this trilogy. I read the first book, A Discovery of Witches, summer of 2015 when I was on a long vacation in Washington state with my best friend Elizabeth. This series is her favorite of all time. I’m honestly ashamed I haven’t finished it yet! And I know that when I continue the series – which I plan to do in July – I know that I will need to re-read the 1st book again, becaaaaause I forgot most if it!

The thing that’s been holding me back from continuing these books all this time is how long they are! And they are so dense with history, fantasy, romance, language and so much more. It’s very daunting! But the first book did blow me away; I understand why Elizabeth has recommending it to me for so long, because the book was right up my alley! It had everything I could ever hope for in a book!

Feel free to leave a comment below if you have read these books, or letting me know what the number one book is on your tbr. Happy reading!

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