The Fall Reading Book Tag

Destiny over at Howling Libraries did this tag earlier today. And since Fall (or Autumn if you prefer) is my favorite season, I thought I would do it as well even though I haven’t been tagged! We do kind of have a fall where I live… it’s not as dreamy looking of a fall as say Canada or England, etc. But it also isn’t completely hot and nonseasonal. My favorite drinks, clothes, and holidays all happen in this season. So you will probably see more Fall-related posts from me in the near future! Be sure to check out my Autumn Reading Recommendations post I did last year here.

Crisp, Fall Air: a book that felt fresh and new

I still haven’t read any books like the ones Anna-Marie McLemore writes. Not only do they feature incredibly diverse characters, but her stories themselves are gorgeous, intricate, and so very unique. I want to live in her worlds and her words will stay with me forever.

Howling Winds: an ending that blew you away

Listen – this may seem like a cop-out answer that pretty much everyone will give. But THERE IS A REASON FOR THAT. No spoilers, but super did not see any of that coming. Read this if you haven’t yet. I would recommend you read it during the summer, because that’s when it takes place and it makes for a good quick beach read.

Leaf-Fight: a book with non-stop action

Yeah so this book pretty much doesn’t quit. It is seriously gripping and entertaining and once you start it you won’t want to stop!

Comfy Sweaters: a book that gave you the warm and fuzzy’s

I literally re-read this book as soon as I finished it. I closed it, sat with my feelings (which were indeed warm & fuzzy), and then opened it immediately and started it all over again. I think I’ve done that maybe once before? Ever? This book is everything. Everyone in it is a precious cinnamon roll (except Martin) and I will fight anyone who does them wrong. Love it.

Bright Colors: a cover with either red, orange, or yellow

 Yaaaas! This is one of the only paranormal romance series that I read and I am hooked! The thirteenth and final book in this series comes out this winter Рahhh! But this cover though, it has the rich reddish/orange-brown tones of fall. And coffee too!

Pumpkin Spice: your most anticipated read

To say that I am excited about this book would be an understatement. I am obsessed with the All Souls trilogy that this book derives from, and my hype is at an extreme at the moment because of the Discovery of Witches show! I love the characters being featured in this book so I can’t wait to learn more about them. Plus this book is the start of a new series set in the universe!

Side note: I am also really excited to read Blanca & Roja by Anna-Marie McLemore as well. Like I said earlier, I’m ride or die for her.

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I tag anyone who is reading this! Happy autumn!

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